Angels Among Us

There are angels among us. They’re all around us, every day. Just open your eyes and take a look. Lift your head and peer out from the veil of darkness that shadows your experience. Angels can be seen at every corner, on every street, and in every store. The mother who raises the child with special needs, the cabbie who stops to help some one change their flat tire, the homeless man who helps the old lady cross the street, or the innocent child who states the obvious and pushes people to do something with there lives. It does not take much to become aware of these people, these angels, with a heart of gold. You have only but to look and become aware of them. These angels are the bringers of light, of unity and oneness. They are armed with love and are challenging fear at every turn. They live in the moment, on every continent, country, state, province, city and town. They bring love with them every where they go.

These are the real freedom fighters. They are the ones who stay true to themselves; the ones who help show you who you really are and the ones that know that changing the world starts with changing yourself. If you want to be inspired, look to these angels that walk among us… these miracle makers that bring the light to whomever they touch…helping the rest of us remember who we really are. You too can be a bringer of light, a miracle maker, an angel. Love is all you need. You only have to be aware of this, be present and your allow your loving actions to be conducive to being the angel that you are. Let go, forgive the unforgivable. Let go of the chains that bind you to yourself. Let love flow through you and be the light unto others. Wake the fellow man, and you will be awakened. Be the angel. Be love, for that is what you are.

Happy and Fulfilled,
Shane Lamotte.

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