Education & Communication

A life begins; an aware being has been born. Limited physically only by his genetic code the infants mind is a completely open vessel. As months pass the child becomes more aware of itself; its conscious mind begins to learn via observation. By the time the child learns to talk its mind has already become molded. Molded by the words he has heard, the actions of the people around him and his family’s ideas of right and wrong. School has yet to begin and the child is already full of preconceived notions.

School starts and the “formal” learning begins. In the first day of school the child must learn to exist in a dynamic different from his home life. People are different; there are things to be learned. Albeit elementary school isn’t very heavy on the three R’s but it sets up the future for the child and how he is going to learn. Just like education systems, religions and corporations know that if you want your message or idea to stick, you have to get them when they’re young.

So life looked at in this way begins to look more like a process, a process of learning; a process of being educated. Sadly, this wonderful tool, the ability to remember what you have been taught, is the reason why our global society has yet to find peace as a whole. It is because of education, or lack there of, that wars are fought. People die because of the way they are educated. Their education creates their beliefs, their beliefs create their actions.

Education is a wonderful tool, yet what is being taught does not always support the further evolution of humanity as a whole. Our governments aren’t going to help; the lack of education is what helps the government keep control of the people. The corporations aren’t going to help, they need drones to run their machines. This is left entirely in the hands of the individuals; the individuals with the power to educate themselves and educate others in a way that supports us all, not just some but all.

So how do we take action, how do we help foster beliefs of compassion, acceptance and peace in humanity? Communication is the key, we must learn to communicate and learn from one another. We as the masses, the people, for the first time have the means to do so. The internet is the most valuable tool to bring awareness of these things into the forefront of the mind. For the first time in history almost any one can instantly connect and develop communication with others from across the globe. Never before have we been this interconnected.

From trading partners to allies, the entire globe is interdependent on one another. We must learn to work together. We must be teachers. We must bring awareness to new ideas and help manifest a greater world. Look at the world today, is this the best that we can do? We have all this technology, all these wonderful toys, yet we still fight, we still argue, we have wars. We can do better. So let’s do it. Learn something new, have an open mind, and be change. Change yourself, change the world.

Happy & Fulfilled,
Shane Lamotte

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