What the Bleep!

Independent artists are the past, present and future.. Artisans drinking absinthe looking for the infinite possibility of inspiration. working from within. working from experience of the observers perspective. the ability to step back and look, and feel everything around in complete SILENCE. sit in silence. DEAD silence. can u handle the thoughts of your mind? have you ever tried it??

“Of course, the most important component of a CD is the artist’s effort in developing that music. Artists spend a large portion of their creative energy on writing song lyrics and composing music or working with producers and A&R executives to find great songs from great writers. This task can take weeks, months, or even years. The creative ability of these artists to produce the music we love, combined with the time and energy they spend throughout that process is in itself priceless. Once an artist or group has songs composed, they must then go into the studio and begin recording. The costs of recording this work, including recording studio fees, studio musicians, sound engineers, producers and others all must be recovered by the cost of the CD”

you do the math..

I suggest everyone watch this film!!! Infact schools should be taking their students to this one. This film will enlighten you about L-I-F-E, science and spirituality in ONE.

The acting and script is pretty lame but the IDEOLOGY is simply amazing.


– Jason Lamotte

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