Today, is remembrance day. but how many really remember?? what do we remember?? i remember that many, many people died for war. this is how long ago? 1945? see today is 2004!! and we are still FIGHTING LIKE FUCKIN IDIOTS. cmon. Remembrance day should be a day where we go….. WHOALLY SHIT have we learned nothing in the past 50 years about LIFE?? we should take this DAY to reflect on TODAY!!!!!!!!!!!! we are still killing Eachother everyday for what???? OIL now??

quote:“Today, American Troops were ON THE FRONT LINE, in Fallujah ” they never say…. “Today American Troops are attacking, invading, MURDERING poor people in *name a city*. they wouldnt say the truth! thats the blunt truth. they are the FUCKING NAZI GERMANY of TODAY. believe it!! what is the first thing you do when you take over a country. COMMUNICATION. TV stations, NEWSPAPERS, RADIO PROPAGANDA. anything to get YOUR WORD OUT, to make people BELIEVE WHATEVER YOU SAY. the more i see television the more i realize it is a programming tool to keep you blind. the more i see the NEWS, the more i realize its all twisted garbage and LIES to keep you consuming for the POWERS THAT BE!!

on another note, Yasser Arafat died yesterday. for those of you who have no idea who that is, he was the leader of the palestian government… ok a quick question.

how many years have the Israeli’s and Palestinians been fighting now???? how many thousands of years?? what are they fighting over again??Oh yeah No one REALLY knows anymore what the real reasons are cuz its just natural to fight now, been happening so long its past down generation to generation. father to son. mother to daughter. FEEL ProUD!!! oh yeah!!!!! some say RELIGION, some say LAND, some say its MONEY. which of these reasons is worth killing one another over?

oh yeah. btw Happy Remembrance Day.

– Jason Lamotte

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