Night One

night one.

its an idea. to move forward in life. to move backwards in life. ts an experience. to live as you choose in any moment. the ability to see between the cracks. read between the lines. all the places you’ve no longer looked for comfortable pain. . Did you know that IF is the middle word in LIFE? JFK murdered. Fascism overtakes. propaganda. the all new and improved product of modern civilization. take the communication. take the power. give fear. eat more sugar. i want your energy. I want your soul. Take praise in the lord my way, or burn. you are wrong. I am right. CATCH 22. Lucifer is my long lost relative. i miss him. i love to smoke cigarettes. i need to buy more. masturbation is good for you. sex is better. its 540 am and you must go to your day job. communists are evil. buy weapons to defend your attacks. it is the only way.

night two.

something, has to change. undeniable dilemma. war all around; our fore fathers it seems have failed. Rock solid evidence that this is not the way. Pain induced happiness? throats cut because of my integrity. looking for the forgotten ways of true purity. Talking to you now other energy is all speratic. seperatic. super reactic. tired is the flow the shit PILLS up your intenstins. intestines. intentions. Obvious sport in supremacy. old paths. disappearing act of thinking. CBC news brought to you by “INSERT MONEY HERE.” Hocking Lugee’s in your face and you thank them for it. The presidency makes no change. “support the same useless waste headed for the garbage bucket” Pile it up some more, It’s overflowing the mind, consuming our souls.

BREAK FREE. Discomfort. Boredom’s not a burden anyone should bare.
Jazz is dead and so am i. Paper machete beliefs crack at a single swing. Must be pure. Must be wholesome. Read your book. I want to read Mien Compf by Adolf Hitler. but it is illegal. it is blacklisted. true purpose of today’s modern civilization.

our true meaning of living, a day like today. a night like tonight. Color orange. shape and size. i am violet. ultra magnetic. swallow it all you fucking whores. I do enjoy the same. Question is, do you enjoy the words you say you believe?
I want to die. A most soothing and prosperous death of all. points. excel. Higher learning has to continue. How can i live with my stupidity? Study and practice what you preach. Rock in time. a place you’ve never been. crash and burn. i should be gone. i could go further. i would see clearer.

Trust….misuse of guidance. what is that? which might that be. My shoe leather ass of portrayal is only that of my b.s.

Silk from a spider spinning its thread into creation for another. The flame is burning. GO AND SEE FOR YOURSELF.

– Jason Lamotte

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