Inside My Head

The Journey, long and abbreviated.  The meanings lost in absolution are that of melancholy stardom.  Postive outlooks on the roadkill ahead, the hurdles we all seem to jump.  And amidst the follow contraint creation the feelings begin to drop;  of death, of discovery, of point in no return.  The messages we get on this faceless immunity are the meaning of faceless thoughts. Through 1 to 2 and to infinite into nothingness, the infraction of self, times the consciousness of mind, divided by conscious beings.  Mathimatics into music and life into death.  The process which all remains the same and the cross in which we are all staked.  From A to B and XYZ I find it very frustrating.  As the word pulls up and outward and plants itself in the earth.  Doors suddenly open, as thought continues to disappear. The energy of another in this place, of NEXUS called FEAR.  The disillusional mindset to never really succeed, is a failure all on its own.  The failure of failing the illusion I call my own.   Deprived of thoughts.  Depressed of Misery.  The guidance we all want to give.  But the know how is there, we just need to see how, the mind look around, it’s there.

“people fear what they don’t understand”

number 2.  always the 2.  11.  hmmmm. thoughts just seem to write themselves out exactly like they are supposed to. what should i do to pass the time.   what is my purpose in this moment.  i cannot do things i should be doing at this time. why is that.   i shouldn’t have smoked that weed.  what else is to be done in the meantime? a girl saying shes in love with me.   the obviousness.

think of this, as thoughts jotted from my soul on to a medium.   just thinking.  thinking what i am typing.  no judgement.  no ego.  just me. you are reading my thoughts.  that is the best analogy I could ever give. My life is a rollercoaster of emotion, of thought,  ups and downs.  why would i want it any other way?  i get the full spectrum of everything.   i have been in some deep depressing states.  as well as my Euphoric love of life. thing is.   people go….

“YEAH!!  I WANT TO JOIN THE RIDE WITH YOU.”  and then feel trapped when it becomes too much too understand,  and say  “i can’t get off this ride”

“im stuck and can’t get off.”   When the truth is,  make a choice for yourself.  You can get off the ride anytime. COMFORTABILITY.  you fall into that, and give up all the oppertunity around you.  blinded by your own bullshit.

but i think the most common one i’ve EVER heard is……. “you are crazy,” “you are insane”

yup.  so Sane im Insane. and So Insane im Sane. and sometimes you even get the ones that say  ”will you let me know when we get to the scary parts so i can close my eyes and just hold on to you?”

Its your life,  if its too scary, then get the fuck off.  I will hold no ones hand in their own fear of their own choices.. i have no sympathy for that mindset… that would defeat the purpose of LIFE itself.

going from topic to topic. one thought to the next.   someone tells me the music is too loud up here.  its You Got To playing.  oh well.  only way you would sell copies is if they heard my songs were on your cd anyway. booonnngggg! EGO.  BLASPHAMOUS.

i don’t see it as a defintion against god, it is a indication of thought against self. i believe in life.  All you have to do in this life is live.  And even that is a choice.   Enjoy life while we are here.   Take advantages of all the things that make you feel good,  truly feel good.  If you don’t use the oppertunity we have in this life fo all that we want and ENJOY IT,  then why live??? fuckin kill yourself.

welcome to:

– Jason Lamotte

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