Should I Put on a Gaming/Music Con in Edmonton?

Got up at 6AM today (felt more like 4AM with the time zone difference) and ran a great workshop here in Oakville, On. First off I want to mention that the Oakville Convention and Banquet Centre is a great affordable place to put on events. They had amazing helpful staff and for the price, it can’t be beat. It was overall a great experience and I’ll definitely keep the venue in my back pocket if I do more events in the Toronto area.

It was really nice to run a smaller event this time around with only 100 delegates. The last few events of around 500 attendees we’re much more demanding on my time and this one was stress free and felt like a breeze. Event logistics are so much easier when you only have one speaker and it’s just one day as well. At the last event we had 20 plus speakers and it was 3 days with evening events as well, by the end I just wanted to sleep for a week.

I really enjoy event planning and organizing, from the design and marketing side right down to the event logistics. I’ve become quite good at it over the years and have been able to take a certain level of pride in my work as well. I know I can always improve but I feel like I’m really starting to get into the flow of it all and able to do a great job when it comes to research, planning and execution. And hey, I just found out I’ve been nominated for an event planning award so that always nice too. 🙂

I think maybe this summer I’m going to start to focus on putting on an event that speaks more to me as a person. Don’t get me wrong, I’ll still be doing the good ol’ day job but I really think it’s time I did an event on what I’m personally interested in. An event that’s one part Music, Gaming, TED Talks and Nerd Culture. First I’ll need to do the research to see if we even have demand for an event like that in Edmonton… maybe I could convince BioWare to sponsor. Mwhahaha.

I think maybe I’ll just start small by throwing a gaming convention together this winter, who knows, I just want to start applying my skills to areas and industries that I’m personally inspired by and interested in. I do help organize a Vipassana Meditation Retreat every fall, but I want to do something bigger. ComicCon North in Edmonton!

Well that’s all for now I need to get some sleep before my journey into downtown Toronto tomorrow.

Today’s Pro Tip: E3, the Electronic Entertainment Expo that Microsoft, Sony and Nintendo make all there massive new announcements at every year is going to be live streamed over at from June 6th – 10th, 2011 for the general public to watch. You can only attend the event in person if you work within the industry, but at least the rest of us can watch it live from home.

Shane Lamotte

PS Now I just need to pick a hot date to go to this Meeting Planner International Award Ceremony with me…

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