Is it Sad that $3 for Bottled Water is a Good Deal? Gotta love Hotels!

Flew to Toronto today, well technically Hamilton. I’m here in Oakville (which is considered part of the GTA) to put on a workshop for professionals that work with kids with special needs, mainly autism. I’m coordinating the event on site at the Oakville Convention Centre on Thursday. Gonna be a busy day tomorrow getting ready.

When I landed it was about plus 28 Celsius here, a fair bit warmer than Edmonton and way more humid. It’s night time now and it kind of feels like evenings in Mexico or Hawaii in January, it’s actually really nice. Part of me just wants to go lay in some grass and chill. It’s warm, there’s no bugs and I’m far enough from downtown Toronto to see stars.

I’m staying at the Holiday Inn and it has been pretty nice thus far. The water is affordable 😛 there’s great staff, a decent lounge/restaurant and it has a pool, hot tub, steam room and gym. Will probably go check them out at some point before I head back on Saturday. The event I’m running is only a one day event so I gave myself some extra time here to go hang out downtown Toronto.

I still find it a little weird when ever I fly out to places to put on these events by myself. I’ve done enough on my own at this point for it to be a breeze but I guess part of me still feels like a kid. Running events for teachers and other professionals when most of them are at least 10 years my senior or more. At least I enjoy a good challenge, and if it’s changing older peoples perception of what young adults can do, then even better.

I know this post isn’t really band related even though I’m posting it to the Living Illusion website, but I don’t really care. I wanted to write and this is my outlet so deal with it 🙂 More of these posts chronicling my journeys and daily thoughts will be coming down the wire as well.

Feel free to post a comment or give suggestions as to what I should do on Friday when I go downtown Toronto for the daytime adventures and nightlife partying.

Today’s Pro Tip: Cable Television Sucks – Cancel your TV packages and get faster Internet, you won’t regret it.

Shane Lamotte

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