Living Illusion – Timeshift Lyric Music Video

A few months ago I had the idea for a music video for our song “Timeshift” where each of the words that are sung would just flash up on the screen. The end result wasn’t exactly what I had in mind but it still turned out pretty cool. From a lyrical standpoint, besides “Suffering”, I personally connect to this song more than any of our other songs, plus I think that this one has the best message for this type of video. It also vibes well with Whispers from our first album.

I thought that making the video would be quick and easy but it was actually a lot more time consuming then expected. It’s not a fast job matching up lyrics sang in a song, at the right time, with the words flashing in the video [rich mans karaoke]. I probably could have saved time if I did it in worse video quality but I wanted to post it in 1080p. HD all the way, SD is so 2005.

I hope you enjoy the video and the song. We’re getting things rolling again this year and hope to get some more steady updates to our YouTube page and our website. Already working on new material for our next EP.

Here’s the direct link to the video “Living Illusion – Timeshift” on YouTube:


Shane Lamotte

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