Shane Goes a Long Way Down

As most of you know I have been playing guitar this summer for the wicked band Long Way Down. I haven’t really posted a whole lot about it on the Living Illusion site (aside from Boonstock stuff) but there have been some pretty amazing shows I’ve played and I feel that it would be stupid not to write a post about them. That being said I’m gonna keep it short and just mention the shows and also a couple upcoming gigs as well.

June 18th 2010 – Taphouse – St Albert, Alberta – We were a surprise headliner at the Alberta Last Band Standing Competition. We played with Hollywood Assassyn, The Flash Jam, R.C Sindicate, Oldbury, Heaviside, White Lightning, Apresnos

June 25th 2010 – Boonstock – Gibbons, Alberta – There are far to many bands to mention but here’s a bunch: Matthew Good, Ill Scarlet, Shout out out out out, Christian Hansen and the Autistics, Static in the Stars, The Offspring, Papa Roach, Chevelle, Age of Daze, Hollywood Assassyn, No Heat Tomorrow.

July 1st 2010 – Sawfest – Canada Day – Slave Lake, Alberta –  We got the opportunity to play and hang out with Wide Mouth Mason and Kim Mitchell. It was a wild party after we played and the backstage treatment of the bands was incredible. The people up in Slave Lake really appreciate having live bands up there.

July 15th & 16th 2010 –  Opening for Crash Karma – Union Hall – Edmonton, Alberta – The Taphouse – St Albert, Alberta – These we’re two amazing shows to play. We had an awesome time opening for a rock group with some of the members from bands we’ve been listening to since we were kids. If you don’t know who Crash Karma is, it consists of Edwin from I Mother Earth, Mike Turner from Our Lady Peace, Amir Epstein from Zygote and Jeff Burrows from the Tea Party. And yes, they’re fucking awesome.

August 14th 2010 – 3rd Annual Day of Destruction – Grande Prairie, AB – Long Way Down performs live along side 50cc Dirtbike races, Car & Truck Stunt Show, & a 125 Foot Waterslide with kicker for launching pedal bikes into the lake!

Well that’s all for now I’ll probably do one more Long Way Down update at the end of the summer if I play any more cool gigs with them.


Shane Lamotte

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