The Spoony Experiment Theme Cover

Special thanks to Spoony for using our hard rock cover of his theme song, Break Me by the Irresponsible’s, on his most recent show/episode/review on The Spoony Experiment. It was super fun to record the song adding all the new changes and melody line tweaks. Spoony also did a wicked job as well editing the intro video to fit the badassness of the song. Definitely heavier and darker than the usual theme, but still awesome none the less. Let’s just hope he uses it again, maybe on a Halloween episode 🙂

Direct link to The Spoony Experiment Theme Cover video:

You can check out the episode with the song here:

You can download a copy of the intro theme here:

Hope you guys enjoy!

Engineering/Producing: Kevin Hoskin
Bass Guitar/Programming: Dave Stoten
Vocals: Jason Lamotte
Guitars: Shane Lamotte
The rewriting of the song was done by all of the above.

Original version of the song is called Break Me by The Irresponsibles.

Shane Lamotte

PS Check out a video with Spoony wearing the Living Illusion T-Shirt below 🙂

8 thoughts on “The Spoony Experiment Theme Cover

  1. I really like your take on the song…enough that when I saw it on spoony’s website I had to check you guys out. I saw the covers page you have, you should definitely consider covering the full song if you can.


  2. I agree with Drew. I like the original song and hard rock, so I think you did a great job on the cover and I’m a little dissapointed you haven’t done the full song. I’d definitly add it to my main playlist if you do.


  3. Wow – checked you guys out after seeing the intro on spoony.

    Have been playing your guys’ playlist all night 🙂


  4. Hi just heard the song on spoony’s site and please do a full cover of this.
    Your version was really good, my only complaint that it’s only 58 seconds long.


  5. I’m sad this isn’t a full song, it sounds too amazing to only be 58sec long. I swear I’ll pay for a full version if it is ever made.


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