Much Needed Music Update

Winter is slowly creeping up in wonderful Edmonton Alberta and I am wishing that I was back in Hawaii (Just got back from a 10 day vacation in the sun last week). I figured seeing as it has been months since an update that I should get to it.  Lately, we’ve taking time off from album production to deal with the website, myspace, album artwork, photo shoot, t-shirt designs, radio promotions, etc. We even have a Living Illusion photo shoot tomorrow afternoon.

The new album is 92% done. Jay finished all his vocals, Kevin finished all the editing, the cello player tracked her parts, and I even went back in and tracked extra guitars for some segways. Currently we’re tweaking the final mixes of the new album and Kenton Thomas from Portal is working on an Industrial style remix of one of the songs. We still have quite a way to go to finish and it probably won’t be the new year until we do an official release and have a proper tour pulled together.

This week we signed an agreement with Oddball Productions. They are the company that has gotten many bands like Long Way Down, My Sister Ocean, Portal and many more on to radio. Speaking of radio, I did a radio interview with Barefoot Bob on the University of Hawaii Radio Station a few weeks ago, it was pretty awesome, we spun some new Living Illusion tracks :). Next week I will be submitting one of our tracks to The Bear’s Songwriter Competition that they do every year.

Last, I will be putting up one more video from our sessions in the studio of the acoustic guitar and vocal tracking. After that I think we’re going to get some more viral videos rolling out, there gonna be really fun so watch for those. On a more personal note, it has been 3 months with out smoking and I am quite happy about my new addiction… my iPhone, and my lungs are pretty happy too.

And that’s what’s new.

Shane Lamotte

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