Addicted to Progress

If I had an endless supply of finances things would be a lot different, although I guess if we all had that things would be insanely different. To live in a world where every one could do what they wanted and create what they want every moment of every day, now there’s an experience worth dreaming for. If I had a million dollars right now I would open a Multimedia Studio of my own. Hire developers and engineers to create everything from Music and Videos to Graphics and Websites. Man that would be sweet.

Things in 2009 have definitely been going really good, not great but really good. I think I have become addicted to work and have been constantly asking myself the question, “How does this serve me”. I’ve been asking myself that question repeatedly through out every day. This has been a great tool to keep me on track, to ensure that what ever it is I am doing is an experience which is furthering me in some way shape or form.

There is a down side to this though. That is the fact that being addicted to “progress” doesn’t really give you an opportunity to stop and smell the flowers if you know what I mean. I haven’t really been able to properly “wind down”. Every time I finish something I have something else waiting around the corner, I have no down time. Burning out comes to mind when I think of the stress I have put on my mind.

So to avoid the possibility of burning out I’ve been trying to do a couple more things to work on myself, hit the gym, practicing meditation again. Also I’m trying to get into Yoga, haven’t gone yet, but I have the Yoga mat purchased already, ha. I’ve also been contemplating whether I should get a life coach to help plan and take some of the stress off. I know a lot of coaches personally that would give me a hand with organizing my life, but I think I want some one whom is not a connected to me. An outside observer if you will.

That’s pretty much where I’m at in life right now. It’s so funny when I talk to people and they ask me “Hey, how’s it going? What’s new?” part of me just wants to send them to my blog and say “Read this, then get back to me” LOL, it is what it is.

Hope your New Year has started out well and your accomplishing all your dreams and aspirations.


Shane Lamotte

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