Screw Snow Day, How About Sun Day

Went for a long walk the other day. It was +11 in Edmonton in January, completely unheard of. If weather was like that here all winter I would have no problem living in Edmonton for the rest of my life, sadly I know it’s going to change. We have a couple more days of warm weather then it’s back to -20. Must enjoy the beautiful weather while it is here. I think that we need opposite snow days.

In most places if there is a blizzard, businesses and schools shut down for the day and every one takes a nice little snow day. Yah, we don’t get that here. If it’s negative 40 we still go to work. We still drive our cars, and keep on trekking. That’s why I think there should be a Sun Day. It should be mandatory to close businesses and schools if it is above +10 in January or February in Edmonton, and in all of Northern Canada for that matter.

Honestly, that would be freaking awesome. I bet you tons of people, including teachers and business owners would love to have something like that. When you get tons of snow all the time and rarely have a warm day where you can go outside without freezing your ass off it’s amazing to get a day where it’s as warm as it has been. We went from -35 to +11. 46 Degree difference.

I hereby declare Sun Day a new holiday. I think I’m going to start a new petition and petition the Canadian Government to make it a new law. Who’s with me?


Shane Lamotte

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