The Living Illusion & ASHES dIVIDE Show

What an awesome night, I can’t even begin to explain how great that show was. There was hundreds of people packed into the Starlite Room ready to rock out to some wicked progressive hard rock, and they got exactly what they asked for. Being back on stage felt like I had just come home after a year long vacation. I remember when I got the phone call asking us to open for ASHES dIVIDE and when I think about it, it still sends chills up my spine. I’m amazed that we pulled it off, and sounding freaking awesome all the while.

Two weeks ago if you would’ve asked me when our next show was going to be, I would’ve most likely said sometime in October, but things can change in a drop of a hat. One phone call had me scrambling to find a new bass player, a jam space, a sound system, etc. There are somethings in life that you just don’t pass up, and this was one of them. With the whole band being long time fans of A Perfect Circle there was no way in hell we weren’t going to step up to the plate for this show.

Our last gig was almost ten months ago, and we hadn’t rehearsed as a full band in a very very long time. After my insane scrambling to pull everything together for practicing, it left us with about 10 days to rehearse before the show… and we didn’t waste anytime. We had 8 rehearsals in just 10 days; from having the cops come by for our noise complaint to playing in plus thirty heat above a convenience store, we rocked out hard and heavy in our jam space. It was truly a testament to our desire to be on stage with Ashes Divide and get out there in the scene again.

In the end it all payed off, and the show was a huge success. Our new bass played did an amazing job, our drummer rocked out harder than I have seen in ages, and Jay and I had an freaking great time on stage. Special thanks to Art from the Starlite Room, Byron from Live Nation, Kevin and the boys from Portal, and obviously all the guys in Ashes Divide. AND a BIG thanks to all the fans that came out and the people that helped to make the show possible. We appreciate all the support over the years and don’t intend on disappointing.


Shane Lamotte

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