Rehearsal Overload – Lovin Every Moment

Yup, I am definitely burning the candle on both ends, DJing, Working, Rehearsing, etc… But as Ronnie Johns would say “You need to harden the fuck up!” haha. In the last 6 days the band has had 5 rehearsals, got our set list together for the Ashes Divide show (with 4 new tracks from our upcoming album), and have been rehearsing in what feels like the heat of Hell (our new jam space is above a convenience store in downtown Edmonton and this plus thirty heat is a bitch when you don’t have an air conditioner). All of our focus has been going into getting ready for the show next week, which if I haven’t already mentioned is going to be fucking awesome.

After this it looks like we will be planning on playing some more gigs this summer and taking a quick break to finish recording the new album. Things are looking very good for the band and the momentum is building for something huge. Also, our new jam space is pretty sweet; it even has an extra room in it for us to move in all of my pre-production recording gear. Special thanks to my friend for hooking us up, finding cheap space is not an easy feat in Edmonton and I’m damn happy that we were able to get this spot.

Well that’s pretty much it. We have 3 or 4 more rehearsals scheduled in the next couple days then we’ll be hitting the stage at the Starlite Room on Monday the 7th of July opening for ASHES dIVIDE! You best be there…


Shane Lamotte

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