May Long, Kill Bennedy, and a Tour Update… Hahaha, riiigghht.

The May long weekend this year rocked! I’m still amazed that I was able to have such a good time and didn’t have to leave Edmonton to do it. It was practically a perfect weekend, I played acoustic guitar in the sun while chilling with friends, worked on a new electronic song with DJ Terminal, rocked out on stage at an open jam at The Warehouse (Metal Bar in Edmonton) and last but not least, Jay and I got to meet and hang out with Bill Kennedy (Producer/Engineer of NIN, Megadeth, Motley Crue). Needless to say there was copious amounts of drinking and Barbeque’s involved. It was awesome. Hahaha.

So even though we had a wicked weekend, things are still moving rather slowly in the world of Living Illusion. I titled this blog the way I did cause well, we have been getting requests for gigs but due to a lack of a place to rehearse, and musicians to play with, it is making it difficult to get back into the scene and do anything. Hopefully the new connections made in the last week will change that though… this year has been very up and down for our project that’s for fucking sure.

Anyway, that’s all I really have to write today about the band.

I hope your long weekend was as good as mine.

Shane Lamotte

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