Dream Theater LIVE Kicked Ass!

When I heard that Dream Theater was coming to Calgary on May 9th 2008, there was no hesitation in buying the tickets the moment they went on sale. A band that I have been listening to for years (even more so after their newer album Train of Thought came out, which I suggest everyone takes a listen to), it was surreal to finally see the amazing musicianship of DT rocking out less than 10 feet in front of my face. That’s right, I pushed my way through the masses up to the front of the pit… and it was freaking awesome.

The drive from Edmonton to Calgary was a breeze as always, pretty much a B-line, and the concert venue was super easy to find as it was at the University of Calgary Campus. I was pretty surprised at how small of a venue they chose to play considering Dream Theater has been around for so long and have garnered quite the following. Although, who am I to complain, this is like the first time they have ever played in a Canada city other than Vancouver, Toronto or Montreal.

The show itself was amazing and the guys in the band are insane when it comes to talent, I only dream of being as good as John Petrucci on guitar. The place was pretty packed and everyone at the front (including me) were literally crushed against each other, it was kind of nasty (haha). Closer to the end of the show I made it to the very front of the stage, I was stuck about 2 people back for the earlier part. Just as I got to the front they played “As I Am” off of Train of Thought. It fucking rocked.

After that I was pretty much exhausted and moved out of the sweat infested mess of people… I had to take my shirt off that’s how soaked it was. I guess the only complaint about the show I have is that I wish they would’ve played more of their heavy songs. They played a lot of their material from the 80’s that I’m really not all that into. Next time they come, they should let me pick their set list for the night, that would be sweet!

In closing, it was well worth the trip and I have now seen another band that I have been dying to see. Next up, Buckethead! Haha.


Shane Lamotte

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