Blog Site Launched for LI

Alright, well I have been trying to do a redesign on the whole Living Illusion site but have decided to hold off on that until the new album is released. It would be stupid on my part to design the new site with out keeping the album artwork for our next album in mind… and since there is currently no album art, starting on the website would be a waste of time. So here we are at the new blog website I have created for the band.

Why have I made a Blog website for the band? Well the plan is to integrate a proper blog site and the band website together, but like I said above that has to wait until the new album is closer to being released sometime this summer. In the mean time I realized how much easier it would be to post updates etc for the band if we had a blog site, so low and behold here it is. Yah it may not be as fancy as I like, but it does the trick and it also allows me to RSS feed my blogs to other sources (Facebook, Myspace, etc).

And with that I wonder if there is really anything I can say about the band. Basically, our two producer friends are getting together tonight to go through ten of our best tracks and give us the run down, as in, they pick the best of the best to record high end style. If they choose all 10 then awesome, if they choose 5 then great, if they say go back to the drawing board, well then that may be a problem, LOL.

I’ll keep you all posted. As always, keep smilling!

Shane Lamotte

2 thoughts on “Blog Site Launched for LI

  1. Shane you’re clearly not on your game… you’re slipping Shane… you’re slipping… you used to design with the best of them… I mean what’s with that calendar?


  2. Hey now, Shane works for a living. So the web site’s a little plain. It’s um…unprentious. Yeah! And it doesn’t need to impress you. And if the 10 include the 9 I’ve heard I’d say they probably won’t send you back to the drawing board. Except you know…or maybe they will…parched… 😉


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