Temporary Hiatus Finally Over!

Seeing as it has been over four months since the last update I figured it was high time I got my act in gear and posted some news. So where are things at you ask? After a mini-hiatus from writing and recording we’ve finally gotten back on schedule working on the next LI album. The break wasn’t really by choice, with our old recording studio temporarily shutting down and all, but we have been doing our best to keep things moving forward none the less.

As opposed to just sitting around and waiting to find another studio for us to write and record at we decided to be pro-active and buy our own recording gear. For the last couple months we have been saving money, paying back debts, and building our own studio. Which happily I can say, we just finished last month. God damn is it nice to no longer have book time or wait to get in, we can now record whenever we want, 24/7. Even though we’ve only had it up and running for a couple weeks, we have already recorded a handful of new songs.

The whole thing cost over three grand and is worth every penny. The rig consists of an mBox 2, Line 6 POD, M-Audio Midi Controller, BX5A Monitors, Intel Core 2 Quad (1 Terabyte of HD Space), 20in LCD Monitor, and a PreSonus FP10 aka FirePOD. The software that we are running is ProTools LE and Cubase 4, both with BFD. The computer is amazingly fast. Special thanks to Terri Tran and Real Cardinal for all there help pulling it together, you guys rock!

So there you have it, that’s what we have been up to; building a Studio of our own. Now that that is done and over with we can finally get back to working on the new album, the plan is to release the album some time this year followed by a tour of Western Canada.


Shane Lamotte
Living Illusion

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