Kingsknight Pub (Jet Night Club) – April 27th 2006

Kingsknight Pub (Jet Night Club) – Edmonton, Alberta – April 27th 2006

I got a call from Phil at the Kingsknight Pub in Edmonton, he asked if we wanted to Headline an Independent Music Night featuring From the Ground Up, The New Vain, and us. Well, naturally I agreed. All the boys in the band got back to me and we were all set to play the venue.

I picked up Jay and we got to the Kingsknight with plenty of time before we had to start playing. We loaded our gear into the building and proceeded to get some McDonalds. The two of us watched some of the Oilers hockey game and then had to drive back to Jays place. He needed to get some different clothes to wear on stage.

When we got back the first band hadn’t even gone on stage. Some friends showed up to watch us so we killed time catching up with them. After the screen was rolled up and the game was over the first band starting loading on there gear. It was about 10:00PM by the time they actually got going. They put on a hard hitting set and were very tight.

During their set I discovered that Kingsknight has a very good sounding room and also that the speakers outside of the building play the live entertainment from, which is very cool. From the Ground Up tore down and The New Vain began to load onto the stage. I grabbed a couple free beers and gave one to Jay as we watched The New Vain kick off their set.

(As a side note a guitar teacher that I took one lesson with in Parksville, BC engineered The New Vain’s latest album) The New Vain have a male and female vocalist, it was pretty cool to see in the indie scene, as most bands just have male vocalists. They put on a great show and by the time they were done it was already after midnight. We didn’t start loading our gear up until about 12:30AM.

When we eventually started our set at 1:00AM I was amazed at how many people had actually stuck around. There were a good amount of people still in the bar; they were all enjoying our music. (Especially the guy from Axe music, he later bought a CD). We put on a really good show; the sound guy did a great job and every one was impressed.

After our set I chatted with Phil about his band Stereo Therapy whom I had a hunch we would be playing with very soon. I sold some CDs, grabbed all my gear and called it a night.

Happy and Fulfilled,

Shane Lamotte

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