Red's (Edmonton Events Centre) – April 8th 2006

Red’s – West Edmonton Mall – Edmonton, Alberta – April 8th 2006

I always end up chatting with Mike Dilts the Promoter from Red’s no matter what venue I try to get the band into (Mike books multiple-venues around the city). Although I was trying to get the band a gig at a different venue, the only opening Mike had was for a headlining Metal night at Red’s (which evidently caused me to cancel our Supernova date). Now we’re not metal but I took the gig any way thinking that it would be cool to Headline again.

Lined up to play with us were The Neverending from Sedgewick and the boys from Cheat2Win (I requested that Cheat2Win play with us, that way I knew it would surely be a good night). When we arrived at Red’s we loaded in all our gear and started chatting with the other bands. It was good to see friendly faces and meet the new guys.

After chatting, as we started walking around Red’s, one of the guys from Cheat2Win noticed that the posters for the Show had a fourth band on it, Revega. This was the first that we had heard. We searched for a Manager to ask if there were three or four bands playing, without officially finding out until about an hour and a half later when the band list was put on the door of the green room.

So the bands set times had all decreased and our stage time had been pushed back a little. All in all it was okay, just a little last minute. Revega hit the stage and put on a good 30 minute performance, very heavy band. The Neverending hit the stage right after and they too put on a good set. The first two bands went by fast, they had very short sets but they got the crowd going for Cheat2Win.

Cheat2Win hit the stage and put on a good show, Brit (their guitarist) had to borrow my amp and half way through their set I had to run on stage and give him a hand with it. Other than that there set was pretty flawless, half the crowd was from St. Paul and really got into it. They also covered some System of a Down which was pretty sweet.

They tore down and by the time we hit the stage it was after midnight. The crowd was still pretty decently sized and we started off our set with the Space Odyssey 2001 Theme, which was pretty cool. We played through our usual 45 minute set with out a hitch. No broken strings, just good sound and an overall good time.

Once we finished I ran around selling CDs (props to Dave our Camera Man for helping too)… While I was running around selling CDs Jason was outside with the boys from Cheat2Win smoking.

One of the staff from Red’s came outside and walked through a mob of people where Jason was smoking and as he passed by some one said “Nice perfume man”. At which point in time the Red’s guy went back in and proceeded to get all the people standing outside kicked out of Red’s. Lucky for us Jason got back inside and wasn’t kicked out. All the boys from Cheat2Win got the boot though.

After that fiasco I ran upstairs got our pay and the band headed out.

Happy and Fulfilled,
Shane Lamotte

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