JJ’s Pub (Lizard Lounge) – October 22nd 2005

JJ’s Pub (Lizard Lounge) – Edmonton, Alberta – October 22nd 2005

I got a call about 5 days prior to this gig from my friend Cindy. She informs me that she needs a band to close a Saturday night gig with her band Her Alibi at JJ’s Pub (Now the Lizard Lounge). She says she’ll score us $100 bucks. Well we’re not that interested to say the least but since we figure it’s a paid practice and we’ll be helping out a friend we agree to do it. We get to JJ’s at about 10:00 and start loading in gear (no sound check).

The gear gets loaded in and we proceed to grab some beer and listen to Cindy’s retro hard rock band play. The bar is pretty dead, it’s late at night and the majority of the people there are drunk playing VLT’s. The only people watching were the men staring at Cindy’s…. you get the picture. I could tell this was going to be an excellent gig. There’s nothing better than playing for people who are paying no attention to you.

Her Alibi tears down and we start hauling our gear on stage to get setup. Out of left field some people actually show up to see us play, which is pretty cool, but they still weren’t loud enough to drowned out the guy asking Cindy to bring her T&A back on stage. JJ’s Pub is fun!

All in all it was quite the experience; the sound at JJ’s Pub I must admit was pretty sweet and the staff was nice.

Happy and Fulfilled,

Shane Lamotte

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