Sidetrack Cafe w/ Tin Foil Pheonix – October 18th 2005

Sidetrack Cafe – Edmonton, Alberta – October 18th 2005

It was great knowing that the Sidetrack wanted us to come back and play for them again. We must have made a good impression because not only did they invite us back, they called us to come out and open for a signed act. Tin Foil Phoenix from Winnipeg, a band signed to 604 Records. There would be two openers this evening, one of them being us and the other Superseed (winner of the BEARs song writing competition) from Sherwood Park, Alberta.

I left work early and made my way down to the Sidetrack for sound check. Same as before but this time I had a guitar tech Ryan Paluck. He did an excellent job and tuned up all my guitars with supreme accuracy. We were the first band to go on and the time was creeping up, so we picked up our shit and jumped on stage.

There were about 75 people in the crowd, and for some odd reason, none of them had come to see Tin Foil Phoenix or Superseed. It was our fans who had come out to support us once again. We played some new songs and kept our set heavy and hard. I looked around to see my guitar tech taking tequila shots and wondered how the rest of the evening was going to pan out.

Once we finished we quickly hauled our gear off stage and watched as 75 people became 35. Puffing a quick cigarette outside I went back in to watch Superseed. Since I was driving I was sensible and only had a couple of drinks. Now Ryan, the guitar tech, on the other hand, is an entirely different story. I’ve never seen one man hug our bass player so many times in one night; must have been the Tequila.

Superseed ended there set, and on came Tin Foil Phoenix the signed headlining act. At this point in time the 35 turned into 15 people left. That includes the members of the bands. They put on a good show for the few people that got to see them and I think most were to drunk to care. But the show ended, and it was time to go home and call it a night.

We got into the car, Ryan, Jenny and I and began to drive home. Jenny and I were in the front and Ryan was in the back drunk as hell not making any sense talking to himself and burping very loudly. Then out of no where (well I guess it came from some where) 5/6ths of the way home Ryan opens the car door and proceeds to unleash projectile vomit all over the road and into the car. I pull over and let him finish, laughing hysterically because I realize that he didn’t get any puke in the car, just allover himself, his shoes, his shirt, and his pants.

We make it to our humble abode and Ryan falls out of the back door and stumbles his way into the house, where he proceeds to walk to his room and pass out in his puke covered close. God I love being in a band.

Happy and Fulfilled,
Shane Lamotte

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