The Unconscious

Why have people unconsciously mutated into robots, living life as if there already dead? Why has the general public become slaves to their mind, blaming others for their suffering and not taking responsibility for their actions? They have become consumed by fear, and instead of realizing it, and changing their perception, they’re manifesting it back into reality. Are people going to wake up from their lifeless sleep and realize that all of these fear based concepts that hold our society together, that people are fighting and dying for, are simply illusions?

The more status you gain, the more you are afraid to lose it
The more you lose, the more afraid you are to show your face
And this fear is like any other sickness, it limits you
It debilitates you and risks being spread to others

– Lao Tzu – The Tao Te Ching – Written 2500 years ago.

To say that our western society has not had a hand in creating this generation of fear based people would be an obvious understatement. Between the media & the propaganda on TV it’s almost impossible to receive any unbiased information about what’s really going on in the world, but that’s not the problem. The problem is the fact that people’s beliefs are being created by the corporations who control the media and propaganda. People aren’t having the opportunity to find their own beliefs through life experience because of what’s being told to them over and over again.

Although it may be big business that’s trying to control our beliefs, it’s time that we stop and realize that we’re the ones choosing to believe in the things they tell us.

The only way that these institutions can run is through our support. So if you buy clothes from Wal-Mart then you are indirectly supporting child labor, if you buy shoes from Nike then you support sweat shops where people lose fingers on machinery, if you buy products from Monsanto then you support the rape and pillage of the environment. If we seriously want change we can no longer sit back and hope that our government is going to do something about it, because they won’t.

Politicians depend on businesses to fund their campaigns during future elections. Why do you think that the only people whom receive big tax cuts from the government are large corporations? It’s because politicians have a vested interest in companies making money. More money that the company makes, the more money they have to spend on Advertising during the next election. The only way for there to be any change is through the enlightenment of people, for people to wake up and see these illusions for what they are. Social constructs to keep us in fear so the poor stay poor and the rich stay rich.

So my question is why doesn’t every one just start making evolved choices and break the cycle? Could it be because people don’t know what an evolved choice is, or could it be because they too have a vested interest in keeping the illusions alive? I think it’s a little bit of both. For us to see any change in the future we have to start by becoming consciously aware of our choices. We have to become informed of the things that the government and corporations are doing, and we have to make choices that are inline with who we are.

If we want to see any change, it’s going to have to start with ourselves.

Happy and Fulfilled,
Shane Lamotte

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