The Mind

Every problem you can think of can be solved by the human mind, because ultimately the mind creates the problem.

Have you ever woken up and wondered, “Who am I? What am I doing here? Does any of this really matter?” I find I do this more often than not. Who am I… am I Shane? Well what is Shane? Isn’t Shane simply a word used to define this piece of matter? Do I even have any meaning? I assume this would be a question that’s up for debate. That is, the question of whether any thing has any meaning… Does it?

Honestly, what is meaning, and why do we give meaning to things? Can we change the meaning or belief that we give something on command? Can we make a scenario or a situation mean some thing entirely different than what we initially perceive? Who’s deciding what something means any way?

Meaning is the message that is intended, expressed or signified. So based on that definition the purpose of giving things meanings would seem to be a way to express and signify experience and objects within experience. This means this, that means that and so on… but what if the meanings (intended messages) about life that we have been taught in school and society are wrong? What if we’re making up all of the meanings about life as we go? What if there is no one meaning for anything?

Honestly, what is the defining authority on life? What defines the meanings of life? Who decides that this means this and that means that? YOU DO! Not teachers, not your parents, not the bible, not the Buddha, you do. You are the only person who can choose what means what. You have the power to change your perception of any experience. You can change the meaning of anything that you want to. The only meaning to life is the meaning that you give it. Except for the meaning you give life, it has none.

Life ultimately has no meaning. How can any of this have meaning? Think about it. The only reason we think things have meaning is because we have been taught that they do. This doesn’t mean that they have any meaning, it just means that some people from the past gave a bunch of experiences and objects meanings and are now telling us that that’s the way things are.

All of this was caused by our curse/blessing; o ur ability to think and create. If we removed the ability to think, all of life’s problems go away… how you ask? Because the things in life that come up are no longer perceived as problems and when you change what the meaning of an experience is, the new meaning becomes real for you. That’s the only answer to get out of the experiences of life that are considered suffering. Through cleansing your doors of perception.

The moment you think that you are in a scenario that you think you have been wronged or that something isn’t right; realize in that moment, that nothing has any meaning except the meaning that you give it. Whether some one stole your car, or slept with your girlfriend ultimately that experience has NO MEANING. The only time an experience has any meaning is when you choose to give it meaning.

So be here now, seeing the world as the playground of perceptions as it is, and create your own perceptions, beliefs and meanings of reality.


Happy and Fulfilled,
Shane Lamotte

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