Creation of Self

Weather you realize it or not you do this every single day of your life; you think, say and do the things that create and re-create who you are. Constructions of your experiences: your thoughts, feelings and actions give you the life you see in front of you. No matter who you are, where you come from, what you look like or how much money you have you are always creating your self as you choose in every moment (your preconceived perception of a moment/experience is a notion from your past which defines who you are).

The process of self creation is something that all humans do; there is no escaping this process. This “in a sense” is life. The key to mastering this process is to first realize that you created who you are and to take responsibility for all of your actions, beliefs etc; the second is to become aware of who you choose to be and to actively apply your knowledge of cause and effect (what actions get you what results) to the process. The process is always “working” although it doesn’t mean that YOU are working with the process to get the results you want.

The process of self creation is not an over night thing. How long did it take to create who you are today? I assure you, it does not take that long to re-create yourself… unless it does and that is based solely on what you choose to do.

When it comes to self creation here are two simple but powerful truths:

1) What you think about you become.
2) Becoming who you choose to be is the result of doing things in a certain way.

Knowing this, if you think about the grandest vision of yourself, and choose to do things in a certain way that get you the results to achieve the grandest vision of yourself, ultimately, you will become that grander vision…

It’s all about manifesting the idea of yourself and doing things in a certain way to get the results you want. I know it sounds simplistic but if people could consciously follow those simple concepts, and work with the process we would have a lot happier society (assuming that what people wanted was coming from the grandest idea that they had about themselves)

So with this, figure out what YOUR grandest vision of you is and do everything you need to do to get there. Do nothing but that. Only do what you do, to move you towards that higher vision of yourself, don’t let anything slow you down. Make your passion for the new you so strong that no matter what some else wants you to do you wouldn’t do it unless it supports that higher vision of yourself that you see.

Then you will know yourself as yourself and you will see the grand creation of you that you are. You will know you have reached this place when you can look in the mirror and truly see yourself.

Happy & Fulfilled,
Shane Lamotte

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