why do i do the things i do?
why do i feel the way i feel?
why do i need the things i need?
why do i want to be anything at all?

ive felt the need to defend.
ive felt the need to control.
ive felt the need to do whatever i thought was right
in any given moment.
perception always changes. it’s what serves us in the now.

right, and wrong…
good and bad.
laws are there to uphold it,
but the paperwork always falls behind.
we catalogue our sins.
in alphabetical order.
the story goes,
that anarchy is disorder.

free your mind and you become free to discover.
i heard the world was once flat, don’t you remember?
infalable truth once, just like the others.

my ideas for solution, may seem radical and selfless.
indeed they are,realize ego is only unconsciousness.

if god is everything, i am god. and so are you.
we twist, contort, skew our perceptions.
what works for us now, may not work in the future.
retaliate, primal, minute ineffections.
the universe is endless.
pure potentiality is nature.
for one to truly be “i am” is to ask:

why am i here?

simply, question everything.

– Jason Lamotte

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