Illusion of Responsibility

illusion of responsibility.  so many i see, trapped in a world of hostility… worried about what others think, and about what others every insane needs are.   responsibility to make sure things are exactly the way they always want at all times: to always be GOOD ENOUGH… to be the center of the galaxy, exactly the way they want.   perception is a bitch. it will drive you mad if you are not aware.   its funny how i can see my life as so bad, and so meaningless sometimes…until i see another who is worse off than me. “looks like life aint so bad afterall”. i think to myself,  “shit, i could be THAT guy!”   its almost an addiction that we need: ugly, fat, poor, stupid, and disabled people…. this idea that, “im better than you emerges.”  That way we CAN feel better about ourselves.  The system is built that way. BUT on the opposite spectrum, with that mentality, one can truly come from a place to help others.  great things can come from that idea. Once u see the  truth behind it, u can come from a place to love and help those that are less fortunate.

it is our duty and service to everyone to speak that truth. without judgement.without some hidden agenda wrapped in lies.  not everyone will listen. some are too confined within the mind to reach these principles… one cannot help those who do not wish to be helped.  one can not change those who do not wish to change.   you can find all the answers in the world, as clear as day, yet somehow perception will give them that same truth in a different way. interpretation: just like the bible, karan, kabala, any book book based in a world of religion….it works exactly that way.  Life experience, memories, emotion, culture, environment: all become part of their percieved notion of truth. how does one break free of those illusions?    break free from any and every BELIEF structure ever constructed in your life.   then you can truly see god.  be god.  share god: everything that is.   god is simply a word for this miracle of life we are and experience.

although i still do not like the word GOD; mostly because so many ideas of past bullshit get dragged along with it.

lets call it LIFE instead..   life is here. how did it get here?  no one knows for certain.  and anyone who claims to know, is based in a world of belief structures. in world of shit, preaching on with no merit claimed as truth.

do u love me?   yes? you do?  PROVE IT.

– Jason Lamotte

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