Albums (OLD)


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Living Illusion: Suffering
– Disconnected, 2 – Suffering, 3 – Learn to Breathe, 4 – Papertrails, 5 – Lets Start Over, 6 – Timeshift, 7 – Slip Away, 8 – Disconnected (Kenton Thomas Splice), 9 – Papertrails (Red Tape Remix)

Produced by Kevin Hoskin
Engineered by Kevin Hoskin
Mixed by Nathan Kidd
Additional Engineering by Nathan Kidd
Additional Mixing by Shane Lamotte

Beta Sound Recorders, Edmonton, AB
Drum Technician: Bill George
Programming: Kevin Hoskin
Stephen Marsh Mastering, Hollywood, CA

Remixes: Kenton Thomas
Additional Instruments on Papertrails
Cello: Josephine Van Lier
Electric Guitar: Ross Brooks
Album Cover Artwork: Cory Ench
Package Design: Chitpreet (Chipz) Sethi

Copyright 2010

Murray and Shirley Lamotte, Ryan Peel, Kevin Hoskin, Dave Stoten, Cal Beaudoin, Randy James Bergh, Jenny Colatosti, Nathan Kidd, Ryan Chipeniuk, Art Szabo, Brent Oliver, Lee Freezen, and Danny Fournier.

Josephine Van Lier, Evan Murray, Crystal Campbell, Sue Stephens, Don Peel, Ryan Paluck, Britt Matthews, Danny Coady, Karen Simmons, Sean Kamenski, Mark Stephens, Brandon Klayman, Tyler Soule, Carl Green, Chris Peel, Pat Sauve, Elaine Strome, Zak Austin, Bill Kennedy, C4AmpRepairs, Gary Kolinger, Cassanda Gray, Quinn Bailey, Michael Petryk, Tyler Abraham, Brent Gerlitz, Darryl Bowers, Amanda Boyd, Bill George, Ross Brooks, Kenton Thomas, Ian Allen, and all the bands we’ve shared the stage with.

All music and lyrics written and produced by Shane and Jason Lamotte.

Living Illusion Self Titled Album

1. You Got To 2. Away the Pain 3. Into the Unknown 4. Living Illusion 5. Forever 6. Part of Myself 7. Standing by You 8. The Way I Feel 9. Turning Around 10. Whispers

Click here to buy it on iTunes!

Lyrics & Compositions: Jason & Shane Lamotte
Vocals: Jason & Shane Lamotte
Lead Guitar: Shane Lamotte
Rhythm Guitar: Jason Lamotte
Bass: Andrew Degroot
Drums: Lyle Molzan

Engineered by: Jason & Shane Lamotte
Produced by: Jason Lamotte, Shane Lamotte & Corey Johnson
Mixed by: Jason Lamotte

Recorded at OwenSound Studios, Edmonton, AB
Vocal Production for Tracks 1, 2 and 9 by Mike Bidlock
Lyrical Contribution for Track 5 by Jennifer Colatosti

Copyright 2007

A Special Thanks to: All the individuals that have supported us since the beginning of this journey. To all the ones that look at the big picture and support vision even though it may look like an impossible dream to accomplish. Terri Rambold, Corey Johnson, Dan Peterson, Don Peel and the whole Peel family, Elaine Strome, Sharon & Darel Ellert, Sue & Doug Stephens, Danny Coady, Kelsey Fry, Ryan Paluck, Carl Green, Devon Brown, Curtis Sharp, Martin Haase, Jared Spencer, Stacy Mack, Dan Craven, David Stewart, Mark Stephens, Matt Wallace,  Mitch Leblanc, Kelsey Hemstock, Lacey Fremont, Mike Bidlock, Lindsay Mitchell, Kendal Zier, Norm Low, Roger Lamotte, Crystal Campbell, Jenna Stavroff, Katie Wray, Karen Simmons, Chitpreet (chipz) Bansal, Richard Olak, Brody Slater, Brent Gerlitz, Lyle Molzan, Sean Kaminski, Andrew Degroot, Scott Kerr, Holly Leblanc, Jennifer Colatosti and of course our parents Murray and Shirley Lamotte.

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