One thought on “Living Illusion – Papertrails – Lyric Video

  1. lyric video for the song Papertrails was very creative and made me stay for the whole song. As to the $20K on the new album, I too did same in 1983 Back then my problem, besides running out of $$$ was palying out instead of recording more. The biz side is u start at the bottom of the pryamid and work ur way up with product and peole “dying off” and “retiring” Ur a concert group…i hope ur not doing bars… ur management should be doing that for you with so much music 1 or the most 2 SHOWS a night. As an indie group I gather ur on revbernation, i would hope. Combine the Musc with theatrical stage show, not just playing out. Best of luck to you guys Rick Shane.


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