Linkara – Atop the Fourth Wall – 100th Episode – Hard Rock Opening Theme Cover

Special thanks to Linkara for using our hard rock cover of his theme song on the 100th Episode of his show Atop the Fourth Wall (AT4W). We wanted to do something hard hitting and badass for his epic episode, and I think we succeded. The comic covers in the video are all of the comics that Linkara has reviewed since his first episode.

Here’s the direct YouTube link to the song:

You can check out the episode with the song here:

You can download a copy of the intro theme here:


Engineering/Producing: Kevin Hoskin
Bass Guitar/Programming: Dave Stoten
Vocals: Jason Lamotte
Guitars/Programming: Shane Lamotte

The rewriting of the song was done by all of the above.

Shane Lamotte

6 thoughts on “Linkara – Atop the Fourth Wall – 100th Episode – Hard Rock Opening Theme Cover

  1. When I heard you guys on Linkara’s 100th episode, I thought it was awesome! I just to check out the rest of your works and I’m very impressed! I think I found a new band to keep an eye on and listen to! You guys should think about doing a cover of the full version of AT4W’s theme. I’d like it! Good job and keep doing what you do!


  2. Just dropping in to say that I really, really loved your take on this song! And *glee* at the MP3 download! *bookmarks site for later*


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