Backstage Boonstock Plus Meeting Chevelle!

Last weekend I had the pleasure of playing with Long Way Down at Boonstock 2010. Boonstock has quickly become one of the premiere summer rock events in Alberta with over 25 bands including local and national acts (Past bands to play Boonstock include Three Days Grace, Shine Down, Offspring, Chevelle, Mathew Good, Papa Roach plus many more). It grows every year and this year was no different.

Long Way Down played on the main stage on Friday and we scored a backstage pass for the whole weekend. We had a wicked set even though playing outdoors at festivals can sometimes be a little hectic and crazy… very in and out, no sound check, use the festivals backline, etc. Although we did have an awesome sound guy and stage crew, those guys are amazing!

After our set on Friday we ended up coming back that day as it started raining and we had no desire to sleep in a tent in the rain. We went back to the city, ate dinner, power napped, and headed to the Taphouse in St Albert to watch Econoline Crush! They put on a great show as always, and we all drank enough to drown a school of fish. It was an awesome day all in all… and the next day was even better.

So come Saturday we headed back out to Boonstock in the afternoon, making sure to be there with enough time to catch Chevelle’s entire set. Our backstage pass was extremely handy at this point. We brought our cooler full of beer backstage and patiently awaited for Chevelle to hit the stage. When the band started playing we went out the front backstage area (the stage viewing area for people backstage I guess you could call it).

There set was AMAZING! Thoroughly rocked my face right off. After they were done we got to hang out and drink with their bass player, although this didn’t stop me from introducing myself to all of the boys from Chevelle and got them all to sign a copy of the New Living Illusion Disc (Also gave them a copy of it as well!). Needless to say… one of the best weekends of my life…

And now I’m done typing.

Shane Lamotte

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