So I'm Playing Guitar in Long Way Down

The boys from Long Way Down have asked me to join them for a couple shows this summer playing guitar with them. Honestly, I should be focusing more on Living Illusion gigs but let me tell you, it is going to be freaking awesome to take a break from LI to play some shows this summer and only have to worry about playing. I’m so used to having to book the shows, promote the shows, get the band together, schedule every one, sell tickets, online marketing etc that not having to do that for a change and just having to worry about performing my parts is going to be awesome!

To kick off playing this summer with Long Way Down we’re going to be playing at Boonstock just outside of Edmonton at the end of June. Notable bands we will be playing with include: Matthew Good, Papa Roach, Chevelle, Offspring, Ill Scarlett, Swollen Members, Age of Days and Hail the Villian. Needless to say it’s going to kick some serious ass. I’m super stoked to be playing Boonstock and did I mention I get a backstage pass! Here’s to hoping I can party and hang out with the boys from Chevelle (one of my favorite bands of all time!).

Beyond that there are a bunch of additional wicked shows in the pipeline although I don’t want to mention anything until they’re 100% confirmed.

Keep on Rockin!

Shane Lamotte

PS I will have physical copies of the new Living Illusion disc on the 25th of June, they will be up on iTunes a little bit after that.

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