X-Men Cartoon Theme Rock Cover

This song I recorded over a year ago and have just never gotten around to making a blog post about it. I actually learned how to play this song back when the TV show was still on the air in the 90’s, back around the same time I was learning how to play guitar. The X-Men Cartoon that ran on Fox Kids every Saturday morning was my favorite cartoon by far. Since I posted the song to YouTube, it has received over 66,000 views!

A special note needs to be written about this song because it was used by the Nostalgia Critic in one of the videos on ThatGuyWithTheGlasses.com. It was used in the TGWTG Team Brawl video which can be viewed here. Special thanks to Doug Walker (aka That Guy with the Glasses) for putting this in the video. If you wait til the end credits of the video you can see the band name! When I saw the video I literally freaked. I have been following TGWTG since his YouTube days and was so amazed to see that he used our cover in one of his videos.

Alright well that’s enough talk about the song, you can check it out below.

X-Men Original Theme – Hard Rock Version:

That’s all folks!

Shane Lamotte

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