Desert Bus for Hope Charity – Plus a Rock Cover

Alright so if you’ve never heard of the Desert Bus for Hope Charity here’s the run down. The comedy sketch group Loading Ready Run ( from Vancouver Island (Victoria) get together once a year to play the most boring game ever “Desert Bus” in order to raise money for Child’s Play. Child’s Play is a charity organization that brings toys and games into hospitals for children to play with while there recovering

Desert Bus was a mini game on an unreleased Sega CD Game called Penn & Teller’s Smoke and Mirrors. In the game you have to drive a bus in real time from Tucson, Arizona to Las Vegas, Nevada. The bus always veers slowly to the right, you can’t go above a maximum speed of 45mph and it takes 8 hours (can’t pause) to get your 1 Point for the drive. Once you’ve made it all the way to Vegas you can decide if you want to drive back to Tucson to get another point. And no, the scenery doesn’t change for your 8 hour stint for the most part. It’s a horrible game that was more of a joke than anything else. Sidenote: If you crash a tow truck takes you all the way back to either Tuscon or Vegas in real time.

Currently the team at have a total of 13 points and over 110 hours of non stop driving day and night with no crashes. They have raised over $85,000 (even I contributed)! Wanting to go above and beyond with my support I took the honor of tracking a hard rock cover of the Desert Bus Theme from the game. It’s the intro song and the only time you get to hear music, like I said it’s extremely boring.

Desert Bus Theme – Hard Rock Version:

Now go to and donate!


Shane Lamotte

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