Back to the Drawing Board

Like the title says, it’s back to the drawing board… not that we haven’t been there for a good part of the last year, but after receiving the much awaited feedback from our producer friends it has become quite clear what the next step in the evolution with our music will be. The comments we received were great, with a majority of the suggestions being things we had already known about. These were things that we had intended on tackling in the next phase of the recording process; although, as we have been informed, this is not the case, and we need to work on these things now.

So where does this leave us? It’s simple: keep writing and recording, but in a new way. The plan from this point out is to basically take all of the feedback we have received and re-work a group of songs to reflect it, all the while continuing to record new ideas and working directly with Terry Tran through the writing process. I’m not going to bore you and go into the details of all the ideas and suggestions, but I will say that getting these songs up to snuff is going to take a lot of hard work, time and energy… all of which will benefit our music greatly.

And that’s about it for this week in LI. Not a lot happened, although we did check out a Cold Driven concert (which I think I might write a review for later this week). As always Jay and I are getting together multiple times a week to work on new material and we will keep at it until the album is done and we are ready to hit the road again for a tour.

Happy St. Patrick’s Day,

Shane Lamotte

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