Weekly Updates & Phillip Defranco

I’ve decided that I am going to start doing weekly Living Illusion updates. This of course is assuming that there is something to be kept up to date on, but essentially, any time there is something to talk about that relates to the band, I’m going to write a blog post for it (Let’s see how long I can keep it up for, I’m hoping permanently). So what’s new this week in LI…

Well, Jay and I finished writing another track last weekend (guitars, bass and drums) and we will hopefully finish the vocals this week. There isn’t really a title for the song… come to think of it; most of the songs we work on don’t have a name, other than the date they were recorded on (i.e. Dec 3-07). Although we do give them a name once we’ve added Lyrics and Vocals. Anyway… the song is currently named Time Shift… for now.

Also, something that’s kind of interesting is the fact that over 1 million people in the last week have heard a 10 second intro song that we did. This of course is because Phillip Defranco at www.PhillyD.tv has decided to use our cover of his theme song on all of his new video posts. It’s really strange how the universe works, I can’t get 10,000 people to come to www.LivingIllusion.com and listen to our songs, but we can make a Cover of a YouTube video intro theme song and get millions of people listening. Totally crazy, but totally cool in my opinion.

Special thanks to Phil for doing that for us. He even left a little quote on his YouTube video for us: “Thanks to Living Illusion for reworking my intro song. It rocks, love you guys.” – Phillip Defranco – www.PhillyD.tv – The Phillip Defranco Show. (Sweeeeeet) [Here’s the video from the first time Phil used our Song: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Zehcxuh3jrM)

Terry and Real, our producers/programmers/engineers for the upcoming album, are getting together this week to listen over our first batch of songs (they were supposed to meet last week but it got postponed), so we’re still waiting to hear back from them with their thoughts and recommendations. It will be cool to see where they can take the songs, and it will be refreshing to get some new perspectives. I can’t wait!

Beyond that there isn’t a whole lot else that is going on, other than the fact that later this week I’m going to go hang out with the boys from Cold Driven at their show in Edmonton on Thursday Mar 13th, 2008 at the Urban Lounge. Feel free to come on down and rock out.

And with that, I’m spent.

Shane Lamotte

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