Heart of the City Festival – June 10th 2006

Heart of the City Festival – Edmonton, Alberta – June 10th 2006

A year later, two battles of the bands won, and over a dozen shows played, making our way back down town to play our 2nd Heart of the City Festival felt very good. Packed full with gear and people in my car getting ready to play at the event, we hoped that the dark clouds that were making there way downtown wouldn’t start to down pour until after we had we’re finished our set.

This event, like last years, was put on by Terri Rambold, Danny Coady and a great group of volunteers and was hosted again at the Giovanni Caboto Park. When we arrived there were other bands performing, we had been given an awesome evening set time. The other bands playing consisted of: Axiomatik, iHuman, Millusk, The Digs, Urban Coyotes, Gail Tuftman, Asante, plus many more.

When we took the stage we found out that our sound guy was the same guy that does the sound for the huge Edmonton Folk Festival every year, so we knew that we would have awesome sound. As we began playing, the skies turned darker and darker. As our music got heavier and the crowd got into it, thunder started rumbling and added an awesome dynamic to the music experience. During our last song the skies were completely filled with black rain clouds and the down pour was in full force. People kept rocking out in the rain and it was great.

After the show the sound guy complimented us on our growth in the last year as he had seen us play at the Heart of the City Festival in 2005. It was cool to see old faces that made it out for a second year in a row and to work with such awesome people at the festival. We’ll definitely be back for a 3rd year and hope to watch the festival grow with more and more people coming out to take part.

Happy and Fulfilled,
Shane Lamotte

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