Starlite Room – May 18th 2006

Starlite Room – Edmonton, AB – May 18th 2006

Right after we got back from our St Paul Battle of the Bands I got a call from Elias a rock group based out of Vancouver. They told me that they’re coming through Edmonton and need an opening act for the show. The gig was at the Starlite Room at 10030 – 102 Street in Edmonton, another Mike Dilts venue, and as we hadn’t played there yet we humbly obliged.

The Starlite room is a very unique venue, the stage is pretty high from the dance floor and the floor is on an incline leading up to the stage. So it’s almost like your playing on the top of a hill, the sound was very good in that room. The show started at 9:30 and we we’re first to go on, it was nice for a Thursday night.

The crowd was small but the longer we played the bigger it got. I told every one to come around 10:00 so our crowd was a little late to see our full set. None the less, we played a really good show, Mark Stephens (our Bass Player) rocked out hard core and we were tight as a whole.

After we tore down we sat back and watched Elias and Fields to Flood (the other band we played with). They both put on really good shows; I even got a copy of the Elias CD. During their sets I also had a chance to BS with Mike Dilts about the industry in the city which was nice.

After we consumed all of our free drinks and we’re thoroughly rocked out from playing and watching, the evening was over and we headed home.

Happy and Fulfilled,
Shane Lamotte

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