Feed Your Soul

Ever wonder what happens when you agree with some one on something that you don’t agree with but you’re just doing it to be “nice”, “courteous”, to “fit in”, or make the situation not so uncomfortable? Have you ever had a phone conversation with some one and when you got off the phone you felt like you had just been run over by a truck, but the other person feels spectacular? Well, I’ll tell you why this happens, it’s because you just gave them all your energy.

Welcome to People Pleasing!

“If some one treats us unjustly, we must first analyze the situation. If we feel we can bear the injustice, if the negative consequences of doing so are not too great, then I think it is better to accept it. However, if in our judgment, reached with clarity and awareness, we are led to conclusion that acceptance would bring greater negative consequences, then we must take appropriate countermeasures. This conclusion should be reached on the basis of clear awareness of the situation and not as a result of anger.” – The Dalai Lama

When we agree with another and don’t stay true to our selves we are hurting ourselves & the other person. We have to be true to ourselves, even if it disappoints another. If some one says something that you disagree with than make your statement, be true to yourself, be who you are first and the rest will fall into place, perfectly…..

Although, don’t be quick to judge; in duality everything has a positive and a negative. Express who you are, but don’t make other people feel inferior, or like there in the wrong, cause in ultimate reality, there is no right or wrong.

Consciously Aware,
Shane Lamotte

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